Deborah Brown has released the results of the 2014 Town Meeting Members Survey. There are two files:

Town Meeting Members Survey

Town Meeting Members Survey (Appendices)

This is brief guide for prospective Town Meeting Candidates. How to run for Town Meeting in Lexington

The Town of Lexington document archive is now up and running. The link is Here you can find a record of the documents for all the Town committees.

LexEngage is an online community forum sponsored by the Planning and Economic Development Offices of the Town of Lexington. Their website at is a community engagement website where you can easily and efficiently provide input important to our Town.

You can use to share ideas and feedback instantly. You can collaborate anytime from any computer to contribute new ideas, second other’s ideas, prioritize initiatives, or to participate in instant pools and surveys. You can even submit photos and videos that relate to your idea.

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February 24, 2015

  • Town Meeting in Lexington This document was originally produced by the League of Women Voters of Lexington (LWV), then was modified by the Town Meeting Members Association (TMMA) and LWV. It is now maintained by TMMA. This document was recently modified. Thanks goes to the members who worked on it. This replaces the previous version that was loaded on February 14th.

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