Actions Taken at 2017 Town Meetings

Summary and Members Voting can be found on the Town Web Site


Lexington’s 20/20 Vision Committee invites all Lexington residents to participate in a survey about Lexington’s community, services, and government. The Committee has conducted this survey at five-year intervals to inform the town’s governing bodies and staff about citizen’s perceptions, interests, and concerns. Previous versions of the survey have been valuable in shaping a wide range of town priorities and decisions, and the value of the survey depends on getting a wide cross-section of the town to participate.

The survey will be available to be completed on-line from this Monday, March 13 through Friday, March 31 at the following link:

Deborah Brown has released the results of the 2016 Town Meeting Members Survey.

Town Meeting Survey Results

This is brief guide for prospective Town Meeting Candidates. How to run for Town Meeting in Lexington

The Town of Lexington document archive is now up and running. The link is Here you can find a record of the documents for all the Town committees.

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Recent Documents

Warrant for Annual and Special Town Meeting 1

Warrant Information Book


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