2014 Annual Town Meeting Action Key: Adopted Not Adopted Indefinitely Postponed/Referred Back
elects/appts financial general zoning / land use

1Article 1


2Article 2

Election of Deputy Moderator and Reports of Town Boards, Officers, Committees

3Article 3

Appointments to Cary Lecture Series

4Article 4

Appropriate FY2015 Operating Budget

4aArticle 4a

Appropriate FY2015 Operating Budget Line 1200

4bArticle 4b

Appropriate FY2015 Operating Budget Line 1100

5Article 5

Appropriate FY2015 Enterprise Funds Budgets

6Article 6

Appropriate for Senior Service Program

7Article 7

Establish and Continue Department Revolving Funds

9Article 9

Appropriate for Recreation Capital Projects

11Article 11

Appropriate for Water System Improvements

12Article 12

Appropriate for Wastewater System Improvements

13Article 13

Appropriate for School Capital Projects and Equipment

15Article 15

Appropriate to Post Employment Insurance Liability Fund

16Article 16

Recind Prior Borrowing Authorization

17Article 17

Establish and Appropriate To and From Specified Stabilization Fund

18Article 18

Appropriate to Stabilization Fund

19Article 19

Appropriate from Debt Service Stabilization Fund

20Article 20

Appropriate for Prior Years’ Unpaid Bills

21Article 21

Amend FY2014 Operating and Enterprise Budgets

22Article 22

Appropriate for Authorized Capital Improvements

23Article 23

Amendments to the District Agreement of the Minuteman Regional Vocational School District

24Article 24

Public Transportation in Lexington

25Article 25

Establish Qualifications for Tax Deferrals

26Article 26

Amend General Bylaws – Wetland Protection

27Article 27

Amend Zoning By-Law – Allow For-Profit Educational Uses in the Neighborhood, Business and Residential Districts (Citizen Article)

27aArticle 27a

Williams amendment to limited to CN Zone

28Article 28

Amend Zoning By-Law – Allow For-Profit Educational Uses in the Neighborhood, Business and Residential Districts (Citizen Article)

29Article 29

Amend Zoning By-Law – Allow For-Profit Educational Uses in the Neighborhood, Business and Residential Districts (Citizen Article)

30Article 30

Amend Zoning By-Law – Medical Marijuana Treatment Centers (as amended)

30aArticle 30a

Smith amendment to limited scope of Fenn amendment

30bArticle 30b

Fenn Amendment to limited to Hartwell zone

31Article 31

Amend General Bylaws – Site Plan Review for Projects over 10,000 SF

32Article 32

Amend General Bylaws – Technical Corrections

Community Preservation Act (CPA) Project: 

8Article 8

CPA Article

8.aArticle 8.a

Appropriate 39 Marrett Road - Community Center Renovation D&E and Sidewalk Construction amount unknown at press time

8.bArticle 8.b

Visitor Center - Design Phase - $59,332

8.cArticle 8.c

Hastings Park Gazebo Renovations -$120,000

8.dArticle 8.d

Historical Commission Inventory Forms for Listed Buildings - $35,000

8.eArticle 8.e

Battle Green Streetscape Improvements - $63,000 (plus $27,000 tax levy)

8.fArticle 8.f

Vynebrooke Village Renovations - $300,551

8.gArticle 8.g

Park Improvements Athletic Fields--$65,000

8.hArticle 8.h

"Lincoln Park Field Improvements--$150,000 plus $186,7590 of Recreation Fund Retained Earnings and $228,250 General Fund Debt

8.iArticle 8.i

Park and Playground Improvements - $65,000

8.jArticle 8.j

Park Improvements - Athletic Fields - $100,000

8.kArticle 8.k

Park Improvements – Hard Court Resurfacing - $85,000

8.lArticle 8.l

Parker Meadow Accessible Trail D&E - $34,500

8.mArticle 8.m

CPA Debt Service - $1,492,000

8.nArticle 8.n

Administrative Budget - $150,000

Appropriate for Municipal Capital Projects and Equipment: 

10.aArticle 10.a

Center Streetscape Improvements and Easements

10.bArticle 10.b

DPW Equipment

10.cArticle 10.c

Street Improvements and Easements

10.dArticle 10.d

Storm Drainage Improvements and NPDES Compliance

10.eArticle 10.e

Hydrant Replacement Program

10.fArticle 10.f

Comprehensive Watershed Storm Water Management Study and Implementation Measures

10.gArticle 10.g

Massachusetts Avenue Intersections’ Improvements and Easements

10.hArticle 10.h

Sidewalk Improvements and Easements

10.iArticle 10.i

Dam Repair

10.jArticle 10.j

Townwide Culvert Replacement

10.kArticle 10.k

Town Wide Signalization Improvements

10.lArticle 10.l

Traffic Island Renovation

10.mArticle 10.m

Ambulance Replacement

10.nArticle 10.n

Heart Monitors

10.oArticle 10.o

Replace Town Wide Phone Systems – Phase III

10.pArticle 10.p

Network Redundancy and Improvement Plan – Phase III

Appropriate for Public Facilities Capital Projects: 

14.aArticle 14.a

School Building Envelope and Systems

14.bArticle 14.b

LHS Heating Systems Upgrade - Phases 2 and 3

14.cArticle 14.c

Municipal Building Envelope and Systems

14.dArticle 14.d

Repairs/Replacements/Upgrades Compliance

14.eArticle 14.e

School Paving Program

14.fArticle 14.f

East Lexington Fire Station Physical Fitness Room

14.gArticle 14.g

Public Facilities Bid Documents’ Improvements and Easements

14.hArticle 14.h

Middle School Science, Performing Arts and General Education Spaces

14.iArticle 14.i

Clarke School Elevator Upgrade

14.jArticle 14.j

Clarke School Auditorium Audio Visual System

14.kArticle 14.k

Fire Station Headquarters Design

2014 Special Town Meeting (March 24) Action Key: Adopted Not Adopted Indefinitely Postponed/Referred Back
reports financial general

1Article 1

Reports of Town Boards, Officers and Committees

2Article 2

Land Purchase off Marrett Road

3Article 3

Amend Article 5 Of November 4, 2013 Special Town Meeting Renovation To Community Center

2014 Special Town Meeting (June 16) Action Key: Adopted Not Adopted Indefinitely Postponed/Referred Back
reports zoning/land use general financial

1Article 1

Reports of Town Boards, Officers and Committees

2Article 2

Amend Zoning Bylaws - 430 Concord Road

3Article 3


4Article 4

Authorize Easement on Land at 430 Concord Avenue

5Article 5

School Master Plan

6Article 6

Amend General Bylaws - Contracts and Deeds

7Article 7

Amend General Bylaws Regarding Reporting Period for Town Counsel

8Article 8

Establish and Appropriate To and From Specific Stabilization Funds

9Article 9

Amend FY2014 Operating and Enterprise Budgets

10Article 10

Amend Article 5 Of November 4, 2013 Special Town Road

11Article 11

Amend Article 2 Of March 24, 2014 Special Town Road

12Article 12

Appropriate For Authorized Capital Improvements


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