Acceptable Use Policy for the TMMA E-Mail List

The Lexington Town Meeting Members Association (TMMA) is a private, non-governmental organization comprised of Lexington, MA Town Meeting Members.


The TMMA sponsors a Google Group e-mail list to facilitate, support and encourage constructive discussion among our members and to assist with the operation of Town Meeting. Our goal is to minimize restrictions on the use of the list to the extent possible. The TMMA expects our members to self-monitor their usage, but a List Moderator, who is an elected official of the TMMA, will encourage members as needed to adhere to good list behavior.


  • Topics regarding Lexington government and the activities of Town Meeting.
  • Public policy concerns and issues that are under municipal-level control.
  • Announcements of town-affiliated programs and nonpartisan public meetings on matters that are appropriate topics as defined above.


  • Make every attempt to verify facts and information before posting them.
  • Speak to the issue, not the person, and don’t assume motives.
  • Adhere to a high standard of fairness and respect in your posting.
  • Do not post local, state or federal campaign announcements or candidate advocacy statements.


  • As a courtesy, list members may, but are not required to, post messages on behalf of nonmembers if such messages otherwise meet the guidelines of the AUP.
  • Originators of Citizen’s Warrants who are not Town Meeting Members will be given limited posting privileges in order to represent their Article. Upon certification of their Article, the Article originator will be contacted by the TMMA List Moderator and given the specific rules and requirements of this limited status.


Town staff does not monitor the messages on this list. Correspondence to town staff, officials, boards and committees should be sent to them directly. Post separate emails if you would like to open the same topic for discussion on the TMMA list or to notify non-list members of the issue, and do not use “cc.”


During Town Meeting Season, discussion topics should be relevant to current Town Meeting business. Emergent town issues of obvious urgency are excepted. The starting point of Town Meeting Season will be announced by the TMMA List Moderator.


  • Sign all messages and identify your committee or position if you are writing in an official capacity.
  • Change the subject line if the topic has evolved.
  • Don’t respond to off-topic postings.
  • Respond off-list when your posting is of limited interest to the larger group.
  • Do not use “cc” on any postings to this list.

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